Our History

This is a peek into The Pentecostals of St. Joseph’s 61 years of history told with about 200 photos in an 11 min song, dating back to 1935.

Time Line of The Pentecostals of St. Joseph

1940 until 1950 Bro Adams was an old minister up on 6th Street and held services every night. Rev. Edward Wilson attended this church.

1945 United Pentecostal Church International became an organization.

1950 Bro Clark (a Pentecost colored minister) had a store front church on W Missouri Ave which at the time was not a safe place.
1953-1957 Rev. Wilbur Milbourn1953-1957
The founder of the church, Rev. Wilbur Milbourn, came to St. Joseph, MO previous to the year 1953, when at that time the north side of St. Joseph was simply farmland. He held meetings in a small house. Later he purchased 2526 S. 6th Street, with the intent of establishing a Pentecostal church in St. Joseph. The church name became Apostolic Pentecostal Church. This was the 1st “Jesus Name” work.

1958-1963 Rev. Orville Walker

Rev. Orville Walker had a United Pentecostal Church at 119 Parkwood St. This was the 2nd “Jesus Name” work. It was mostly made up of children. Sister Jan Hux and her whole family were part of this church. When Rev. Walker left to go to Independence, KS in 1963 he took all the children to the First United Pentecostal Church pastored by Rev. Robert Baitinger.

1957-1965 Rev. Robert Baitinger1957-1965
In 1957 Rev. Robert Baitinger assumed the pastorate, renaming the assembly First United Pentecostal Church. (1st “Jesus Name” work)

1966-1970 Rev. David Hinkle1966-1970
In 1966 Rev. David Hinkle became pastor. (1st “Jesus Name” work)

Near 1967, the church was purchased by the Missouri State Highway Department for construction of the current I-229. The church then purchased a building located at 3811 Pacific.

In 1970 Rev. David Hinkle left St. Joseph, and the church briefly closed.

*The congregation went to Rev. Edward Wilson at the location of 17th & Duncan. (2nd “Jesus Name”work)

1970 Rev. Edward Wilson1970
Rev. Edward Wilson started preaching in 1937 at the age of 19.
(2nd “Jesus Name” work)
1953 Rev. Edward Wilson assisted Rev. Wilbur Milburn at the Apostolic Pentecostal Church on 6th Street.
1955 he started a church at 27th & Duncan. He named it Apostolic Unity Church.
1964 (Aug) He built a new church at 17th & Duncan. The Landis and Hux family’s attended this church for a short time during *1970 while the UPC was closed.
1993 He sold that church and bought a building on St. Joseph off 59 Hwy.
1998 He bought another building on Olive Street and preached there until he passed away in 2002.

1971-1982 Rev. James Case1971-1982
From 1971-1982, Rev. James Case reopened the church as United Pentecostal Church. (1st “Jesus Name” work) He pastored for 11 years. The Landis and Hux family came back to this church after it was reopened.

In the year 1980 Rev. Robert Bell came to St. Joseph to begin a Home Missions work by having Bible studies in his home. (3rd “Jesus Name” work) In 1981 they were able to rent a building of their own to conduct services.
This first church building was located at 15th and Grand Avenue, with 16 people in attendance that first service.

1982 Rev. Douglas Morgans1982
1982 Rev. Douglas Morgans pastored after Rev. Case left, for a few months. Rev. Douglas Morgans recommended the two churches (Calvary Pentecostal & United Pentecostal Church) to merge. (1st and 3rd “Jesus Name” works) Rev. Robert Bell name the newly unified church Calvary Pentecostal Church.

1980 Rev. Robert Bell1982-1992
The new church plant experienced rapid growth and moved back into the 3811 Pacific location in 1983.

In 1984, a 3,000 sq ft. sanctuary was erected accommodating the church growth.
In 1987, the congregation outgrew that facility and sold the building. The growing congregation began looking for another location to build a new auditorium.
In 1988, Rev. Robert Bell purchased 8.2 acres of property located at 3822 Cook Road. Construction began for a 5,000 sq. ft. auditorium, facilitated with restrooms and office space. During this construction progress, they leased a building in Hyde Park to hold services. The new auditorium construction project was completed in 1989.

In 1992 Rev. Robert Bell added an additional 3,500 sq. ft. which included a fellowship hall and Sunday School Class Rooms. He then, resigned pastorate. Rev. Stephen Piercy was elected pastor.

1992-2002 Rev. Stephen Piercy1992-2002
In 1994 Rev. Stephen Piercy completed external construction including concreting the parking lot. In 2001 the gym was erected and materials for the exterior were purchased before, he resigned pastorate in 2002 to follow the call of God for Foreign Missions work in the Philippines.

2002 Rev. John Arcovio2002 – 2007
September 1, 2002 Rev. John Arcovio assumed pastorate. The church was renamed The Pentecostals of St. Joseph. Construction began immediately to finish the 5,200 sq. ft. gym building project.

Several property upgrades along with the launching of Eagles Nest Childcare & Preschool.
From 2002-2004, the church congregation had grown in size, affording the congregation the opportunity for City Municipal water to be brought to the property, replacing the 10 yr old existing well water system.

January, 2005 the 7,000 sq ft former, North Hills Community Church located at 3902 Cook Rd was purchased to accommodate the growing youth ministries. This Youth Center was named “Planet Impact” by The Pentecostal of St. Joseph Impact Youth Ministries. Church offices were also moved to this location so that expanding Eagles Nest Childcare and Preschool could operate out of the entire 8,222 sq ft.

On January 17th, 2005 groundbreaking ceremony was commenced to build a new 7,200 sq. ft. two story office and commercial kitchen complex. In May of 2005 21,700 sq ft of concrete, curbs, guttering and asphalt was poured adding 88 marked parking spaces.

2007 Rev. David Billingsley2007 – Present
Rev. David Billingsley was elected pastor on Nov 28th of 2007. The church faced many challenges financially as well as spiritually. The Lord blessed the congregation with the spirit of unity. The church was able to negotiate a lease for the next four years.

At the end of the lease in Sept 2011 the congregation purchased the former Unity Church building and property located at 1202 Felix St. They relocated into this building after extensive renovation Oct 2011.

The continued growth necessitated a larger facility. The church was able was able to purchase the former, Bethel Four Square Gospel building located at 1701 Jules Street in Nov 2013 and is currently worshiping at this location.