missionsbanner2Here is a list of our missionaries that we support monthly as Partners in Missions. We also have a great responsibility to pray for all our missionaries but these are the 8 that we partner with in particular.

Barb LandisBarbara Landis is over Missions and can be contacted at: missions@tpsj.com. Let her know if you wish to contribute monthly to one or all of these missionaries. Barbara Landis gives monthly reports on our missionaries progress and any financial needs or projects they have. Missionaries are scheduled to visit TPSJ as they travel on deputation. We are blessed by their ministry!

TPSJ is participating in an “Global offering” this year to send our missionaries to the filed much sooner than the projected time they have to spend on deputation. This offering is being collected over the next 6 months…they want to have it consummated by General Conference in October.

Please remember them in prayer and support.

Ronald Brian family – Haiti
Stephen Nix family – Nicaragua
Monte Showalter family – International Evangelism
Stephen O’ Donnell family- Hong Kong/ China
Rick Robinson family- Turkey
Edward Hosmer family – Japan
Patrick Groves family – Sudan/Kenya
Daniel Rushing family – South Korea